Infernal Affairs (2002) on Blu-Ray


I was over at the Hong Kong DVD e-tailer DDDHouse earlier today and noticed that they are now selling HD titles. Out of the three Blu-Ray titles on offer one of them was Infernal Affairs (2002), the film that was remade in the US as The Departed (2006) by Martin Scorcese. I must admit that I do prefer the latter over the former mainly down to Jack Nicholson’s lusciously over the top Boston mobster Frank Costello. But, it goes without saying that Infernal Affairs is still a cracking film that is worthy of much greater attention from an international audience.

I am not surprised that this is one of the first HD releases in Hong Kong. But what I do find surprising is that Media Asia, who have an incredible back catalogue of Hong Kong cinema classics, have pledged allegiance to the Blu-Ray format. This could mean that Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and John Woo classics could be making their way to HD in the not too distant future. But this might not be such great news. The Hong Kong film industry is notorious for their poor storage of film prints. This means that higher resolution of HD would highlight any visual imperfections present. I look forward to seeing what other releases they have planned.

For those who interested in purchasing this title they can find it at DDDHouse for around ??15 delivered. I would expect that this title will eventually be released by Tartan in the UK and possibly by the Weinstein Company’s genre label Dragon Dynasty but on HD-DVD.

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