Live Free or Die Hard (2007)


I regard the first Die Hard (1988) as being one of the finest action films ever made. I watch it every Christmas Eve without fail. The two sequels are worthy follow-ups that, unlike most sequels, are of a very high standard. But unfortunately the Die Hard trilogy has now become a quadrilogy thanks to the latest sequel Live Free or Die Hard (2007). When this was first announced I was very excited, after all, what is there not to like about a Die Hard film? Unfortunately this entry in the series leaves a lot to be desired.

What first struck me about Live Free or Die Hard is that it could be any Hollywood action film starring Bruce Willis. It just so happens that the characters have the same names as those from the Die Hard franchise. John MacClane is a solid character that is unlike most other Hollywood action heroes. He he gets wounded, bruised and beaten more so than any other typical movie hero. This has changed. McClane is now superhuman, he can avoid flying cars by a matter of inches and also fall from a collapsing bridge onto an F-18 Fighter Jet which just so happens to be out of control. The script is rather poor featuring some terrible dialogue and a plot which puts McClane the Luddite in the twenty-first century dealing with new media technologies that are alien to him. It would also appear that the character has attended some form of sensitivity training as he no longer uses invective every few minutes.

But the film is entertaining even it is no more than pure spectacle where you are meant to be in awe of the over the top stunts rather than the acting or the storyline. What is most annoying is that it could have been much better. I really do worry about some of the script writers in Hollywood, surely someone could have came up with a better scenario for McClane to be fighting terrorists? This will probably be the last Die Hard film, I wished they had stopped after Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995).

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