I have been after a new LCD television for a few months and have been eagerly awaiting for my house move to finalise before I ordered the Toshiba 42x3030D 1080p LCD television. Originally I was going to order it from Play.com as it came bundled with the latest Toshiba HD-DVD player for ??1199.99 which, for a 1080p LCD television and HD-DVD player, is a very good price.

Whilst surfing the AV Forums yesterday I noticed that there was a 10% voucher, which expires on the 20th June, available for the Empire Direct website. The television itself can be purchased for around ??900 online but Empire Direct were selling it at ??929.99. Take away the 10% voucher and purchase it through one of the cashback websites such as Rpoints and you can get it for around ??850 delivered. A nine month buy now pay later finance option is also available and does not require a deposit. Alternatively, if you wish to buy it outright you can get a further ??10 off by using Google Checkout. Yes, at this price it is a real bargain.

I decided to play around with the checkout process to see if all discounts would actually work and what catches there were to the finance deal. Unfortunately, and I am not sure that many people will believe me, I accidentally ordered the television thinking that I would reach a ‘finalise order’ page before the confirmation page. Now I am soon to be the proud owner of this television, I just hope that the praise heaped upon this television is worthy. I intend to christen it with the Blu-Ray release of Casino Royale (2006) which should arrive this week. I will post further thoughts once the television arrives.

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