XBMC has landed


With many thanks to Brett I have my Xbox Media Center up and running. In fact, as I write this post, I am watching an episode of the eighties television show Street Hawk (1985) on XBMC. But is it as good as I thought it would be? It is very impressive but it is taking much longer to upload media to it than I thought.

I managed to setup the wireless connection with ease but cannot figure out how to share media on laptop with the Xbox. I have followed every online guide but have now admitted defeat and decided to focus on building my television episode library. If anyone reading this is an expert on SMB shares please get in touch. The picture quality, even on an old CRT, is very impressive, it is much better than I had hoped. The option to ‘scrape’ information from database sites such as TV.com and IMDB is very useful. It is also nice to have constant weather updates available! There are numerous features other features that I have not explored yes but hope to get round to once I have uploaded the majority of media. I have a feeling that I might run out of hard drive space very soon.

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