The Digital Bits supports Blu-Ray


The Digital Bits website caused a minor stir earlier this week when they announced their support for the Blu-Ray format. Whilst I may disagree with their choice, they justify it well and offer sound reasons why they believe it will become the outright winner of the HD format war. As anyone who reads this blog will now know (if anyone reads it of course), I have been more impressed by HD-DVD releases than Blu-Ray. This is not personal bias but based on my experience of viewing discs from both formats.

But are The Digital Bits right? Probably. Even though I prefer HD-DVD I can see why Blu-Ray would be a superior medium that is worthy of support. But there are so many myths emerging regarding both formats that will probably lead to the eventual downfall of both. As the current popularity of MP3 has shown, the way we consume media is changing. The physical medium is beginning to erode. Increasing download speeds are making downloading of HD quality films more achievable. So perhaps this form of consumption could leapfrog both HD disc formats? We will have to wait and see, but for now, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are most certainly here to stay.

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