Xbox Media Center update #2

I was hoping to be transferring media from my laptop and external hard drive to my modified Xbox Media Center this evening. But, as anyone who personally knows me will be able to confirm, I am having some miserable luck at the moment and it has evidently tarred my Xbox project.

Today Brett, a colleague at UCE and all round technical whizz, and I attempted to get XBMC all up and running. The new hard drive went in easily and booted up first time. The hard drive was then formatted and a new bios was flashed to the modchip to enable a large hard drive to be used. All appeared to be going swimmingly well until we tried to install XBMC. Upon extracting the necessary files errors started to appear. Rebooting the machine led to a ‘fatal error’. We did get it to work at one point but could not select XMBC as the default dashboard when you turn the Xbox on. FTP’ing the files instead of loading them off of a DVD did not make things any easier, ultimately leading us to the decision to wipe the drive clean and start the install procedure again. Unfortunately reformatting the hard drive created another problem which meant that the installation DVD would not load. Fortunately Brett has offered to use his technical wizardry to solve the problem. This once again proves that nothing ever goes smoothly for me, though it does pale in comparison to the house move which, after two months and counting, is still not happening. Hopefully my next update will bring some good news…finger’s crossed.

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