Further PowerDVD Ultra annoyances


Last night I was looking forward to watching the Japanese HD-DVD release of the Spanish horror film Fragiles (2005), as discussed in an earlier blog post. Euro-Cult cinema in HD is currently very hard to come by which makes this release all the more special. Upon loading the HD-DVD in PowerDVD Ultra I found that I needed to download a patch in order for it, and other new releases, to play. With a normal broadband internet connection this would only take a few minutes but with Tiscali it takes much longer. So, much to my disdain, I was unable to watch Fragiles and had to settle for The Hunt for the BTK Killer (2005) which was quite enjoyable but nothing more than your typical contemporary American television movie.

Currently I would welcome any update from Cyberlink as PowerDVD Ultra is easily the worst piece of final release software I have every used but this update does not solve many of it’s ongoing build problems. The reason for the update is…wait for it…DRM, yes, it rears it’s ugly head once again. AACS, HD-DVD’s form of DRM, has had to be upgraded with new keys in order to make upcoming releases protected from potential hacks. Everyone, apart from the usual suspects, knows that this is another waste of time and money, AnyDVD HD still works with HD-DVD and can remove HDCP protection and rip discs. So what is the point of this? Are executives afraid to admit DRM has once again failed and continue to flog this dead horse? Why should I not be allowed to watch my HD-DVD of Fragiles without updating my software? Okay, this is starting to turn into a rant now but I am sure you get the picture. Hopefully I will not run into some of the many problems PowerDVD Ultra users have had since installing this update. Perhaps I will get round to watching Fragiles later tonight.

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