Red Road (2006)


Continuing the British film theme, I watched Red Road (2006) on Friday night. I had read numerous positive reviews about this Glasgow set mystery thriller and was eager to see it. Like London to Brighton (2006) it is a film that you do not want to know too much about before you see it so I will not reveal much in this post.

A female CCTV operator notices a man from her past who she thought was in prison. She decides to seek him out and follow him before finally confronting the mysterious man. The mystery slowly unravels leaving the viewer to piece together information and form their own opinions of what happened between the two characters. The ending comes as quite a surprise and will certainly leave you thinking well after the film has finished. It is also very stylishly filmed with lots of hidden clues that can assist the viewer in piecing together the mystery. It demands a second viewing. Yet another example from the impressive new wave of British urban thrillers.

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