Torso (1974) Another World Entertainment DVD release

This arrived this morning courtesy of the fine folks at Absurd Online. As I said in an earlier blog post, this is not one of my favourite gialli but it is well shot has some very nice stylistic touches. I have had a quick scan of the disc and since no one has made much noise online about this release I decided to take a few screenshots. I must also add that my motive for using screenshots is not too praise or condemn the quality of this release (like many ‘fans’ seem to do) but to demonstrate that, despite the rubric on the packaging, this release is indeed presented in the original aspect ratio of approximately 1.66:1.

The transfer is nice and colourful yet their are some compression flaws present at most times but these are not that noticeable. Unlike the deleted Anchor Bay US release the film is presented completely uncut but unfortunately no English subtitles are provided for the reinstated scenes just the original Italian audio. I am quite surprised by this omission considering how English friendly releases from AWE are. There are some nice extras included such as an interview with Sergio Martion, alternative Italian and American opening sequences and a selection of trailers. Overall this a welcome, yet slightly flawed release, in the Another World Entertainment giallo series.


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