To buy or not to buy?


It is coming to that time of year again when I want to buy some new toys. It always happens during the summer probably because I have more free time when the teaching year has ended. Last year I purchased a 32″ HD Ready Medion LCD television for a bargain price of ??399.99. It has been an excellent television that offers great picture quality and performance which I expect outclasses some of the more expensive makes. As I am still in process of moving house it has had to remain boxed so I have been watching films on my 17″ laptop display and also on my old Infocus X1 projector. Whilst this has been quite enjoyable and has in no way distracted my enjoyment of watching films I would still like to have a larger LCD television which offers full 1080p HD resolution for when I move into my new house.

Along with the television I also need a new DVD player as my trusty Pioneer has been almost worn out through over usage. The optical cable no longer fits in the connection and keeps on falling out. But this is a very complex time to buy new technology. We have a home video format war and televisions are constantly being improved upon as new models are released twice a year. So what do I do? I was looking a televisions on earlier in the week and stumbled upon this excellent offer from Toshiba. Later this month Toshiba are releasing their new 42″ 1080p HD television and also a mid-range HD-DVD player that is capable of outputting films in 1080p. Play are selling these bundled for are incredible price of ??1229.99 delivered! Whilst I am reluctant to buy a stand-alone HD-DVD player at this point I have been very impressed with all of the HD-DVD releases I have seen so far and the Toshiba players have a good reputation of upscaling SD-DVD. The only real downside is that the player is not multi-region, a must have option for me as the majority of my DVDs are from outside of region two. But my Pioneer is still functional and I could always pick up a decent budget HDMI DVD player.

So I am currently in the process of raising the funds for this excellent deal in time for its May 28th release date, selling off unwanted bits and pieces. I am not sure that the 1080p option will make that much difference on a 42″ screen but it is still nice to know that this will not be outdated for at least a few years. Perhaps then when Summer arrives I will be able to resist the temptation to spend money on new toys…probably.

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