Cult films appearing on HD-DVD


More cult films are beginning to appear on HD-DVD. In addition to the John Carpenter films The Thing (1982) and The Fog (1980), which have been available on HD-DVD for quite some time now, some surprising titles have suddenly appeared. Jaume Balaguero’s Spanish horror film Fragiles (2005), starring Calista Flockhart and filmed in the Isle of Wight, has been released in Japan and is now available at CD Japan, Xploited and MovieTyme. I have not seen this yet but did enjoy Balaguero’s previous film Los Sin Nombre (1999) so this is one I am eager to order.

In the US, Magnolia Entertainment have announced the release of the entertaining Korean monster movie The Host (2006) on July 24th. I saw this at the MAC last year and whilst I did not agree with those critics who thought it was the “greatest monster film ever made” it was still enjoyable but not nearly as good as the director’s serial killer film Memories of Murder (2003). I am not sure whether I will pick this one up but at least it signals the emergence of more cult product on DVD. Hopefully the rumour of a HD-DVD release of John Woo’s masterpiece Hard Boiled (1992) by Dragon Dynasty/Weinstein later in the year will come to fruition.

What is apparent is that there are more eclectic releases on HD-DVD whereas the majority of releases on Blu-Ray tend to be high-budget, special effects laden films. There certainly seems to be a clear distinction between the target audience of both formats. I know which format I am leaning further towards.

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