No it is not my new pet cat. According to this there has been a near mutiny at for removing a story that contained a HD-DVD Processing Key. It has been removed because digg are sponsored by HD-DVD and therefore did not want to upset their sponsor. This has not sat well with regular users who then decided to constantly front page the site with the encryption key. The key has also appeared on images, such as the one on the left. So what does this mean for HD-DVD? Well it will probably do more harm than good, the studios are calling for more protection from piracy which is something Sony are trying to pioneer with BD+, the new copy protection for Blu-Ray. I do not think that studios will want to back a technology with questionable copy protection but, as with all are forms of DRM, if it can be encoded by someone it can be decoded by someone. What it is clear from this little incident is that the public have once again spoken. People want less DRM not more and it will interesting to see what fallout there will be, if any.


Digg have responded to public pressure and have decided to not remove any posts containing HD-DVD keys. Kevin Rose of digg stated that after seeing the public response they would rather “go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company” even though they have been threatened with a cease and desist order. Kudos to digg for taking a stand, I was genuinely surprised by this u-turn. The story has even been posted on BBC Online. Thanks to Justin Seton-Browne for the heads-up.

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