HD-DVD wins?

I do not believe it myself but Rob Enderle at Digital Trends has suggested that Wal-Mart’s plans to sell budget priced HD-DVD players by Christmas 2007 has therefore made HD-DVD the winner of the HD format war. Wal-Mart have over 3,800 stores in America and roughly one-third of the US population visit stores each week. They will only support HD-DVD as the players are much cheaper to build and this means that Blu-Ray players/software will not be sold in any of their stores. Can the Hollywood studios that do not support HD-DVD afford to lose such a large potential audience? An interesting question that will only be answered once these budget players are released. I wonder if Sony will have a contingency plan in place to save the Blu-Ray format should Wal-Mart’s plan come to fruition? I am not quite sure that this will spell the end of Blu-Ray, I think both formats will be around for some time yet but it will certainly be interesting to see what happens when Christmas time comes around. Thanks to Dubber for bringing the article to my attention.
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