Let’s hug it out bitch!


We have recently watched all three seasons of the HBO sitcom Entourage in past month. Entourage has received a lot of acclaim and is currently rated 9.3 out of 10 on imdb, not that imdb ratings mean anything but it does suggest that there is a lot of hype surrounding this show. But does it live up to the hype? Most definitely, this is one of the funniest American shows I have seen for some time.

What makes Entourage so amusing is it’s satire of Hollywood celebrity culture. Each character is pathetic in their own way, doe eyed superstar Vince does nothing but chase skirt while the other members of his entourage, Eric, Turtle and half-brother Johnny, live off of his fame. But the character that steals the show is the criminally underrated Jeremy Piven who plays Vince’s agent Ari Gold. It takes a while for his role to develop but once the second season begins Piven steals nearly every scene he is in. Also worthy of a mention is Kevin Dillon, who plays Vince’s half-brother Johnny Chase, the subject of a number of amusing storylines. At times his performance equals that of Piven’s and I often wonder whether it has anything to do with him actually being brother to Matt Dillon?

It once again goes to show that HBO and Showtime are continuing to produce quality American television where actors are allowed to swear on screen. The show has started to wane slightly in recent episodes but is still the best sitcom currently aired on television.

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