Be…not quite there yet

Some time ago (seems longer than it actually was) I signed up to Be, the high-speed ISP, ready for when I moved into my new house. Months on and still no sign of being able to legally move into the property I have been paying for a service that I am unable to use. On Sunday I went to the new property armed with my laptop and the BeBox router to ‘test’ out the Internet connection and see if I was able to get speeds of up to 24mbs.

I had been advised by Be that due to the geographical constraints of the location I would only be able to receive 18mbs which for ??24 is still not a bad deal when you consider what jokers like Tiscali currently offer (which is another story entirely). Thankfully Be preset the BeBox router with all information required before they ship it out to and it is as simple as plugging it into the ADSL filter, the electrical socket and the laptop and you are off. Knowing how complex routers can be this was a welcome experience though you still have the ability to optimise any of the factory settings should you wish to. As for speed, my first speed-test measured at around 14mbs, impressive but not the 18mbs expected. I decided to run a test download and was able to download a 3GB file in just over an hour!

All was not smiles though as when I unplugged the network cable and wireless my speeds dropped to 4mbs. I am not sure why but I expect that it has something to do with the settings of the wireless card and I did not have the time to explore this further. For a quick test I was most impressed with the service but I would not base an opinion on only an hour’s worth of experience. Once the nasty searches are finally put to rest by my incredibly square solicitor I hope to to explore Be’s service further. Is that too much to ask for?

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