Studio Canal HD-DVD delays

It has been nearly two weeks since my last post. Things are currently really hectic, who would have knew that moving house would have been such a problem. Unfortunately I seem to have picked a cretin of a solicitor who refuses to budge on one final legal search. The term ‘jobsworth’ does not even come close, I am so glad that I never did that law degree all those years ago and became a solicitor, I am not sure how I would be able to sleep at night. In addition to this my PhD is finally moving now. I have some deadlines coming up which I should make with ease and hopefully I can continue this momentum to move further forward with my doctoral research.

By now I was hoping to have watched The Graduate in HD but the HD-DVD has been delayed by Studio Canal, along with a number of other titles, because they are integrating a new version of AACS protection. This is no doubt because of the recent surge in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray rips being uploaded to Newsgroups, RapidShare etc and the wonderful piece of software that is AnyDVD HD. This is a wasted exercise as, like the first incarnation of AACS, it will eventually be cracked and will also mean that software HD-DVD players will have to be updated in order to handle this new form of protection. I hope that Cyberlink get their act together and manage to release an update for PowerDVD Ultra in time but I imagine that SlySoft will find a way round this new form of protection first if Cyberlink’s track record is anything to go by.

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