Be there

Didn’t I do well? I was managing almost a post a day then work and life caught up with me and got in the way of my blog posting. The past week has been hectic and shows little sign of letting up. Have been working hard on my PhD for once and also trying to move house which is becoming increasingly problematic and frustrating. Who would have thought it would be so challenging to maintain a blog. I have no idea how my colleague Paul Bradshaw manages to keep his seven blogs updated.

Back to moving house, today I terminated my contract with Telewest Broadband (now know as Virgin Media) and have signed up with Be. Telewest have been most reliable over the past few years but in January I had some speed issues which could have possibly been speed throttling (if you are conspiracy theory orientated). Moving in to a new house with no cable service provider has meant I have had to change ISP and Be are my first choice. Why? Well they offer 24mbs download speed. Where is catch? In order to get full 24mbs you need to live next door to your local telephone exchange, have high quality wiring and have no geographical constraints. I rang them today and they confirmed that I would receive 18mbs download speed which for ??24 a month, and unlimited downloads, is a steal. Their fair-usage policy does seem ‘fair’ but we shall see. I hope that they live up to their reputation.

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