First Blood HD-DVD

I received the Australian HD-DVD release of First Blood this morning from the fine folks over at DVD Crave. I am looking forward to watching the film tonight, I current have the Korean special edition DVD release of this that has an overly dark transfer and the extra resolution should provide some great visuals of the woodland setting (hopefully!).

DVD Crave have a number of HD-DVDs for sale at very cheap prices. I paid, roughly, ??15 for this release including shipping to the UK but they have put the price up by a couple of Australian dollars since I ordered it. It is still cheaper than the French and German HD-DVD releases of this film. I will try and review it when I get chance.

I have also ordered three other HD-DVD imports recently: Running Scared and The Fog from the excellent Xploited Cinema and have pre-ordered The Graduate, one of my favourite films, from Movietyme.

In addition to these I had pre-ordered the upcoming Optimum HD-DVD release of Mulholland Drive from Choices Direct but according to this source is has “been postponed indefinitely”. Apparently it will also be released in France this month but I am in no rush to pick this one up.

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